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Boys Fleece and Outerwear for Kids

Do you live in the snow, by the water, or perhaps in the city? It doesn't matter what kind of weather conditions you live in, because every boy should be prepared with a DC fleece hoodie or jacket. DC fleece is the perfect layer to keep you just warm, never feel over heated, and look snazzy all at once. From a thinner fleece sweater that is suitable for skating in the fall, to a thicker fleece zip up jacket that will keep you cozy in the snow, DC is no question the way to go.

Look dashing and dapper when you get to take that cute little girl out to the movies with a fleece DC sweater and a collared shirt combo! You are certain to get a kiss from your crush if your wear the most swag DC getup possible! No matter if you like the color black and white, red, green, or blue, every tyke should own a fleece jacket or sweater of every color to keep their style fresh and clean! Don't just stop at fleece sweaters, we have a wide variety of DC fleece hoodies branded with our logo across the front so that you always show off you're hardcore DC. Our pull over hoodies come with a spacious front pouch pocket is the look for every youngin' and is as efficient as a kangaroo! You can carry around all your prized possessions, such as your precious iPhone, bubble gum, and headphones when you are cruising around town on your skateboard. It makes for a perfect fit while tearing it up at the skate park and showing up your friends with your epic 360's, G-turns and ollies!

Every grommet that lives and dies for surf should have their share of DC fleece hoodies and jackets, because even though that water may be warm, the cool ocean breeze most often is not! We can't see your mom being happy when your dad surprises you with your very own dirt bike so you can become a moto-pro! She might suggest you take up a safer sport like knitting or walking your dog. However, she will be enthralled if you stayed warm with a DC fleece sweater and didn't come home sick from school with a cold! There is no argument, the best way to look cool while keeping warm is with DC's multiple styles of fleece.

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