Date of birth: 09/10/1982
Hometown: Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Stance: Goofy, 24”, 18° and –9°

When your name is synonymous with being one of the best of all-time, a legend-in-the-making like Travis Rice needs no introduction. After winning just about every award, medal, contest, and film credit that a snowboarder can over the last few years, the longtime DC pro is ready to drop his tour de force this coming fall.

Driving off the immense success of his last film, That’s It, That’s All, TRice has once again teamed up with Brain Farm mastermind Curt Morgan for what is being lauded as the most epic snow film of all-time, The Art Of Flight. But that’s not all… Never one to sit still for more than a few seconds, Travis will also be unveiling his new backcountry contest next February, aptly named “Supernatural”. Says Rice: “Next winter, turn your attention to B.C. for the future of all-natural freestyle—the highest echelon of snowboarding, if you ask me!” We’re asking, Travis; and the world’s ready to listen. Travis Speaks: “I’ve shredded for DC for as long as I can remember—always doing this thing with a sarcastic level of seriousness!”




DC Snowboarding is back with another mashed up collection of our team’s most recent video footage in one mini film, Platinum Hits Volume ll. The edit showcases DC Snowboarding’s full eclectic and diverse team and their unique riding styles in a one epic Top 40’s-like masterpiece.

We recommend you book a trip somewhere north, sometime soon and treat yourself.

Have you seen #TheFourthPhase yet? If your answer is no, we suggest you find the biggest screen and the hellest sound system you can, then watch that thing. If your answer is yes, then you would have seen the boots Travis was shredding through chest deep pow in Japan, or navigating icy glaciers in Alaska in.

Long story short- Travis only uses the best, and this boot is Travis’. So the proof is in the pudding...